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Equity Issues: Steinfeld Law acts for private companies and investors on equity fundraisings, whether by way of placings or rights issues to existing shareholders.

In addition to preparing and negotiating legal documentation, we advise companies on the procedure and timetable for the share issue and what resolutions and consents are required under company law and their own constitutional documents, including any existing shareholder agreements.

We advise investors on the terms of proposed legal documentation and what protections they will have as a shareholder in the company (including pre-emption rights, minority protection rights, reserved matters and exit provisions). Where necessary, we also carry out appropriate and proportionate legal due diligence on target companies.

We adapt our approach depending on the size and complexity of the investment and any concerns our client may have to ensure the time and cost involved is proportionate to the financing at hand.

Banking & debt finance: Steinfeld Law acts primarily for borrowers and private lenders on banking and debt finance transactions.

We advise borrowers on all types of secured and unsecured banking facilities including term loans, revolving credit facilities and hybrid facilities and provide independent legal advice to third party guarantors or security providers.

We provide initial regulatory advice to private lenders to ensure that the transaction can be entered into without breaching Consumer Credit regulations.

We are highly proficient at advising on security arrangements and adept at preparing highly-complex facility agreements and security documentation.

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