Steinfeld Law offers a full range of corporate services to its clients, specialising in acquisitions and disposals, shareholder arrangements, joint ventures and partnerships and company and group reorganisations. With a team led by Michael Steinfeld who possesses over 40 years’ experience in corporate law, the firm adopts a proactive and tailored approach to corporate transactions to pre-empt potential issues and minimise delays.

Acquisitions and disposals: We advise sellers and buyers on both share and asset sale transactions. We work closely with clients and other professional advisors throughout the sale process from initial deal structuring comprising the drafting and negotiation of heads of terms and exclusivity arrangements and timetabling provisions, to undertaking appropriate legal due diligence and, of course, drafting, negotiating and advising on the legal documentation.

Shareholder arrangements: Shareholder agreements are one of Michael’s distinct areas of expertise. Whether we are advising shareholders in a small but growing start-up or a minority shareholder in a large established company, we possess true insight into the intricacies of the required drafting. Our aim is to understand what our client wants and, crucially, to pre-empt and address issues they may not have thought about. Companies and their shareholders change over time and we always aim to ensure that our bespoke shareholders agreement and articles of association provide the rights and protections our clients want whilst offering the company flexibility to grow and change without having to amend their documentation at every turn.

Shareholder disputes: Whilst we do not provide litigation services per se, we do advise clients on pre-litigious shareholder disputes. We can offer expert impartial advice on conflicts that arise between shareholders and are often able to resolve such disputes without recourse to litigation by giving clients a realistic view of the merits of their position and suggesting non-litigious forms of dispute resolution. We know that disputes between shareholders (especially in smaller companies where money may not be the sole consideration) can be highly emotional and, utilising our expertise and more impartial viewpoint, we aim to help our client and the other party or parties pin down the specific issues involved and identify solutions that are acceptable to all. Where no solution can be found, we work closely with a small number of specialist litigation  firms who can provide litigation services as a last resort.

Joint Ventures and partnerships: We advise on all aspects of joint ventures and partnerships (including limited liability partnerships), from expert guidance on the choice of appropriate joint venture or partnership structure considering commercial, financial, tax and regulatory issues  to more complex bespoke documentation governing the management of the entity, the relationship between the parties to it, and subsequent exit provisions.

Restructuring: We have extensive experience in carrying out company and group reorganisations. We typically work alongside our client’s tax advisors to identify an appropriate structure to meet our client’s commercial goals and then advise on the appropriate steps to achieve the agreed structure. We prepare all the required documentation and deal with all necessary company filings such that this process is streamlined from the start.

General Corporate: In addition to the above services, Steinfeld Law acts as general corporate advisers and counsel on all corporate matters, including advising boards on corporate governance, discussing day to day statutory, regulatory and compliance issues and preparing circulars to shareholders. We also provide independent advice to individual executive and non-executive directors.

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