Steinfeld Law offers a full-range of commercial law services including the negotiation and preparation of commercial contracts such as general terms of business, sale and purchase agreement, service and consultancy agreements, outsourcing and distribution agreements and licensing agreements. As always, our priority is to identify and achieve the goals of our clients whilst minimising their legal risks and liabilities.

Standard terms of business: Most businesses have standard terms of business that govern the vast majority of their transactions with clients and customers. It is crucial that these standard terms are carefully prepared to ensure they include provisions that reflect the commercial terms on which the business wishes to contract with their clients and customers, appropriately limit the potential liability of the business and comply with relevant laws and regulations (including the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and GDPR). We have a wealth of experience drafting standard terms of business for clients in a range of industries and this experience helps us to identify potential issues and provide suitable commercial and legal solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand their business and produce terms and conditions that reflect the reality of their business and the specific challenges and opportunities it creates and ultimately ensure that their standard terms support their business goals.

Bespoke commercial agreements: By their nature, commercial agreements need to be tailored to the business or transaction they relate to and to reflect the commercial terms, business aims and concerns of the client. Whilst business and legal professionals use a variety of terms to describe various types of commercial agreement, the truth is that each one is as unique the parties to it. There can often be a number of ways to give effect the basic commercial terms agreed between the parties and each will have their own benefits and draw backs. We work closely with clients to understand their business and the specific transaction and identify their goals and priorities. Our aim is not only to properly document the terms our clients want included but to add value by identifying matters that our client may not have thought about and discussing with them how they can be addressed and by highlighting and minimising potential legal and commercial risks (this is especially vital when dealing with longer term agreements, where provision needs to be made for a wide range of contingencies to ensure that the arrangement remains commercially viable for both parties and risks are properly allocated and mitigated.

By understanding the essence of the transaction and what our client wants to achieve, we can advise our clients about alternative ways to structure commercial arrangements to best achieve their goals and some of the benefits and drawbacks of these different approaches.

Intellectual property: Whilst we are not specialists in intellectual property law, we do provide advice on intellectual property rights in the context of corporate and commercial transactions and general advice on ways that business can protect their intellectual property.

Many commercial agreements have a substantial intellectual property element to them and given the value that intellectual property has for most businesses it is crucial to ensure that these rights are protected.

We have experience dealing with intellectual property license agreements (both as standalone transactions and as part of a larger commercial transaction) and assignments of intellectual property rights (most often as part of a transfer of a business).

Where more specialised intellectual property advice is required as part of a broader transaction (for example in relation to patent applications) we work closely with other specialist advisors to ensure our clients receive high quality advice and a seamless service.

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