Steinfeld Law advises Dorfman Media Holdngs on new media investments

Steinfeld Law has advised Dorfman Media Holdings on a number of investments in traditional and new media.

DMH invests in media-related businesses. Its focus is on film and media finance, production and service companies. It was formed in 2018 by the Dorfman family, who have a successful track record in entrepreneurship, and a passion for the film industry.

In addition to advising the Dorfman family on the establishment and financing of DMH, over the course of 2018 Steinfeld Law has advised DMH on a number of ventures and investments, including:

  • The establishment of Media Finance Capital Limited, a new media finance company headed by David Gilbery. DMH are the majority shareholders and Charles Dorfman is the chairman.


  • The establishment of “Untold Studios”, a new creative hub led by the experienced Darren O’Kelly, Neil Davies and Michael Wolfson and building a community of world-class visual artists, writers, designers, filmmakers, animators and sound designers. DMH is the largest shareholder and Charles Dorfman has joined the board as a non-executive director.


  • A significant investment in “Think Jam”. Think Jam was founded by Daniel Robey in 2004 and already has an established reputation in marketing across the film, TV and gaming industries with big names on its client list, including Twentieth Century Fox and Lionsgate. DMH’s investment and support will help Think Jam develop its services and consolidate and grow its client base. DMH have acquired a significant minority interest and Sir Lloyd Dorfman and Charles Dorfman have both joined the board as non-executive directors.